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Georges Marinesco : neurologist, neurohistologist and neuropathologist M. Catala, J. This trip will forever imprint the mind of Marinescu, a great friend of France, a respectful student of Charcot and a friendly colleague of many Parisian neurologists.

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Marinescu's works are multiple and very important. He describes the succulent hand in syringomyelia and the palmar-jaw reflex.

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Marinescu is also one of the first to use the cinema for medical purposes. His work as an anatomo-clinician, a method developed by Charcot, is important.

We denote the description of the locus niger affected by tuberculosis in a case of parkinsonism this description paving Etienne Brissaud's way to highlight the anatomical origin of Parkinson's diseasethe original clinical description of Marinesco-Sjogren syndrome, and that of medullomyoblastoma. Marinescu is also a famous neurocytologist as evidenced by his work, La Cellule Nerveuse, published in The first volume of the cu ce se vindeca prostata is devoted to the aspects of the normal nervous tissue: the neurofibrillar network, the chromatophilic elements, and the paranucleolar corpuscles now known as Marinescu's bodies.

High grade papillary urothelial carcinoma Grade 3 TCC rectosigmoid cancer stage 2 Adenom prostatique et hematuria icd-9 Pentru detoxifierea ficatului Hiperplazie papilară epitelială scuamoasă a vezicii biliare Papillary urothelial hyperplasia Papillary urothelial carcinoma bladder icd Papillary urothelial hyperplasia icd 10 - karolyirefegyhazmegye. Diet and Colorectal Cancer Risk pancreatic cancer complications Data is Klimicsh 2 and from authoritative database Effect on fertility: via inhalation route Endpoint conclusion: Effect on fertility: via dermal route Endpoint conclusion: Additional information Reproductive toxicity study Data available from different studies were reviewed to transitional papilloma means the reproductive toxicity of testchemical.

The second volume of the book is almost related to features revealed by experimental lesions: chromatolysis and neuronophagia. Furthermore, Marinescu describes with Oscar Blocq, small nodules than are now regarded as the first description of senile plaques.

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Immunohistochemical and morphologic evaluation of primary cutaneous apocrine carcinomas and cutaneous metastases from ductal breast carcinoma A.

Fernandez-Flores The differential diagnosis between a primary cutaneous apocrine carcinoma CAC and a cutaneous metastasis from a breast carcinoma can be a very difficult task if it is only made on morphologic bases. Concerning adnexal tumors in generalthere have been many attempts to define an immunohistochemical panel, and while a definition is useful in certain respects, the series presented often times does not include examples of CAC.

Other times, CAC seems to behave in an odd way in an immunohistochemical context; they behave differently than other adnexal tumors, and this in turn adds a grade of confusion to the differential diagnosis of a cutaneous metastasis.

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In the current study, we include seven cases of primary cutaneous apocrine tumors, including one carcinoma in situ, five infiltrating carcinomas, and one adenoma. Additionally, we examine the expression of estrogen receptors ERprogesterone receptors PRand c-erbB Mammaglobin was a very useful marker, expressed by Regarding the expression of c-erbB-2, all of our cases had a value of either 0 or 1.

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Whole-genome DASL gene expression profiling of hepatocellular carcinoma sub-populations isolated by laser microdissection on formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded liver tissue samples Corina Gabriela Cotoi, Shirin Elizabeth Khorsandi, I. Plesea, A. Quaglia In the last ten years, prostate adenoma signs and symptoms multitude of studies focusing on gene expression profiling have attempted to shed light on the molecular and genomic mechanisms leading to hepatocarcinogenesis.

Recent advances have made it possible to obtain good quality RNA from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded FFPE tissue, allowing access to a virtually limitless archival resource to be available for retrospective and long-term prospective clinico-pathological studies. Laser-capture microdissection allows the isolation of specific cell populations or of specific microscopic areas of interest from tissue samples.

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This allows the selective evaluation of gene expression of targeted cell clusters, especially in a very heterogeneous environment as the malignant tissue. A large number of genes were expressed in both subpopulations of hepatocellular carcinoma classical HCC and cholangiocellular differentiation as well as in the cirrhotic and non-cirrhotic liver background.

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Taisescu, R. Stanescu, Mihaela Hincu, Stefania Craitoiu, Ileana Monica Banita VEGF is one the pro-inflammatory adipokines synthesized by the "adipose secretoma" of obese subjects as a response to hypoxic conditions; but the main function of VEGF is angiogenesis, being recognized as the most important factor increasing blood capillaries in the adipose tissue by stimulating endothelial cell growth. In this paper, prostate adenoma signs and symptoms propose a comparative study of the vascular response to VEGF synthesis in the subcutaneous and central-peritoneal adipose depots in lean, obese and obese diabetic patients.

We used CD31 to label the endothelial cells in order to evaluate the response of the vascular network to VEGF prostate adenoma signs and symptoms. Our results showed an increase of VEGF protein synthesis in obese and obese-diabetic patients compared to lean subjects where the protein was absent.

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The positivity for VEGF in obese diabetic samples was observed in numerous structures from the adipose depots, both in the stromal vascular fraction - blood vessels and stromal cells - as well as in the cytoplasm of adipocytes. Positivity in the vascular wall was observed more frequently in areas of prostate adenoma signs and symptoms and intralobular fibrosis. Obese and diabetic patients showed similar incidence of CD31 immunoreactivity with lean subjects in both subcutaneous and peritoneal depots.

In conclusion, human adipose depots show a different incidence of VEGF positive cells in relation with their disposal and the metabolic status. VEGF synthesis in visceral adipose tissue is inefficient being not followed by angiogenesis to counterbalance tissue hypoxia.

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We suggest that may be a pathogenic link between the degrees of intralobular fibrosis in adipose depots and VEGF expression. Melinte, I. Jung, Lia Georgescu, Simona Gurzu Purpose: To determine the histological differences and the particular aspects of local angiogenesis in knee joint of the patients with osteoarthritis OA and rheumatoid arthritis RA. All surgical samples provided from total knee joint arthroplasty.

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Angiogenesis was quantified in both synovial membrane and cartilage.