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Prostate volume calculation ultrasound

Miclea b, A. The establishing of prostate volume represents a necessary stage in choosing the method of solving prostate adenoma.

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The evaluation of the prostate volume can be done by transabdominal or endorectal echography. If the second method is not available it is necessary to use the echographic estimation of the volume of the prostate adenoma by suprapubian prostate volume calculation ultrasound.

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This method lacks precision. The primary information is composed of two 2D digital images obtained by digitising the frames acquired from an 3. The bitmaps were filtered to reduce the noise and a contour detection algorithm was used.

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Further, the new 2D detected contours were processed with the help of an interactive image editor toward a 3D reconstruction of the prostate. The examiner can perform rotations and translations on the 2D projections and can adjust the angle between them.

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The resulting object the 3D model of the prostate was adjusted accordingly and its volume was displayed. The software was implemented on a PC system and was used in the Urology Clinic for several cases. It has been shown that, compared with the value provided by the appro; ximation of the echographic equipment, a more accurate value of the volume of the prostate was obtained.

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We will prove that is not always necessary to use advanced mathematical techniques and sophisticated hardware equipment in order to obtain good results for increasing the quality of the medical act. The County Hospital of Timisoara is the biggest hospital in our county, having prostate volume calculation ultrasound and physicians.

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The Urology Clinic is an university clinic and has beds. The 12 physicians from the Urology Clinic perform about operations per year. Prostate adenoma and prostate cancer are the most frequent diseases among the diseases encountered in the clinic. Thus, the estimation of prostate volume represents a necessary stage in choosing the method of solving prostate adenoma and it gives information about the obstructive parameter.

At the same time, the volume along with the shape of the prostatic capsule is important in the diagnosis of prostatic cancer [ Several investigation techniques are used in diagnosing prostate adenoma or prostatic cancer: l digital rectal examination-which gives information about the size and coherence of the adenoma; l echography; l i.

In case of prostatic cancer suspicion, induced by digital rectal examination, a biopsy punction is performed.

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In fact, there is only one computer tomograph in the hospital and it is used mainly for neurosurgical problems or diseases for which no other investigations are relevant.

At the same time, computer tomography is still an expensive investigation. For that reason, the most frequent imaging investigation, for the urology prostate volume calculation ultrasound, remains echography. It is known, that the evaluation of prostate volume can be done by transabdominal or endorectal echography [2]. Endorectal ultrasonography is the most suitable imaging modality for studying prostatic tumours both because its general characteristics non invasivity, innocuity and low cost and for its particularly high contrast resolution, which allows to increase the sensitivity of the detection of lesions.

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In fact, transrectal ultrasound offers a valuable complement to digital rectal examination in diagnosing prostate diseases Endorectal echography is not available in our hospital there are only two such devices in the whole country. So, the urology physicians have to use the echographic estimation of the volume of the prostate adenoma through transabdominal examination.

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But this method lacks precision, which is apart from variations in the experience of examiners, due to the sometimes unclear limits of the adenoma and the prostatic capsule. These three parameters were analysed, in order to establish a correlation. No correlation was encountered between IPSS and the volume of the prostate.