Location: Oradea, 2 P-ţa Rahovei

The small Church in the center of Oradea dates back to the beginning of the 17th century. It was built to serve as a chapel of the city cemetery of that time. With the reconfiguration of the city after leaving the Ottoman occupation in 1692, the municipal cemetery is moved to the edge of town, and the chapel remains a place of worship. Since 1948, this is the Orthodox Church Oradea-Munch Parish. Because, for a time it was used as a Military Church, it is also known under this name by the older inhabitants of the city.

Although its dimensions are reduced The Annunciation Church is a religious monument of a special beauty conferred by the style in which it was built and later restored. This ancient place of worship was expanded first in 1830 and then underwent several periods of renovation. The most important restoration of the building is the one carried out in 1928 by the architectural plans designed by Anton Sallerbeck. It is the moment when the building adopts a prominent neo-Romanian style, with decorative details in the Brâncovenesc style. These include: the entry with four columns with capital, the porch, the tower and the lateral gallery, the pavilion from the tower, the ornamental belt surrounding the wall and the decorations from the windows. The actual frontage dates back to the end of the 20th century, the last decade.

The exterior of the church is dominated by the tower which raises to the frontage, along with two smaller towers, each with a pavilion.

Inside the Church can be observed the altar, the aisle in square plan, the narthex, the choir loft and the entry. The north-south transversal arches inside the church and the columns in the vertical plan give the impression of greatness of the building, despite its small sizes. The decorations inside the building are of Byzantine inspiration.

The church is built of brick, with the roof of tile, and in the basement is a cellar.

Attractions of the Church:

  • The neo-Romanian style, with strong traditional marks
  • The decorations of the frontage in Brâncovenesc style, around the wall of the Church but also the decorations of the windows
  • The pavilions from the three towers
  • The inside paintings and decoration of Byzantine inspiration
  • The glass chandelier received in 1983 from the Church with Month

Other tourist attractions nearby:

  • The History Museum of the Jews in Oradea (formerly Orthodox Synagogue “Hinech Neorim” 25 Primăriei Street)
  • The “New Town” Reformed Church
  • The Hungarian Evangelical Church (28 Tudor Vladimirescu Street)
  • The City Hall Palace and the City Hall Tower

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