Orthodox Parish of Körösszegapáti
Located: Körösszegapáti village, Hungary

The Orthodox Church of Körösszegapáti, a village located just 1 km away from the Romanian-Hungarian border, stands today on the old wooden church which was demolished at the end of 18th century.
For over 200 years the Church of Körösszegapáti show the presence of Romanian Orthodox community in this region. Two commemorative plaques carved in granite to commemorate two centuries of existence of this place of worship can be seen in the south-east of the church steeple.
Started in 1799, construction works are spread over a period of 8 years. In 1807 the construction is completed and the new Church receives Saint Nicholas as titular saint, during the consecration service led by the protopope of Oradea, Mihail Manuilovici.
It’s a beautiful architectural monument built in Baroque style, with neo-byzantine interior paintings, but also fresco paintings. Brass and bronze chandeliers, windows and gas heating system were installed during the renovation works in the years 1997-2002. From this period dates the restoration of roof and insulation of the walls.
In the churchyard can be seen a number of representative monuments both for the orthodox worship to which they belong, both to the Romanian community from here. The 3.5 m high cross made of stone and sheathed in marble, is the result of the worshippers who raised it in 1977. Also in the courtyard is the bust of the National Romanian poet, Mihai Eminescu (sculpture unveiled in 2000), and that of St. Andrei Șaguna, the Metropolitan of Transylvania (sculpture unveiled in 2013).

The Romanian specificity of this place of worship is put forward by the location in the street of a typical Romanian roadside cross, carved in oak wood, but also by the presence of a small-scale representation of the famous sculpture “The Endless Column” realized in 1938 by Constantin Brâncuşi. The original is in Târgu-Jiu, Romania.

Attractions of the Church:

  • The inside paintings in neo-byzantine style and fresco
  • The cross of 3.5 m from the court church, raised in 1977 by the local worshippers
  • The sculpted busts from the court church
  • The roadside cross and the sculpture in front of the Church

Other tourist attractions nearby:

  • Körösszegapáti Baptist Chapel (Körösszegapáti, Kossuth utca)
  • Körösszegapáti Football Field (Körösszegapáti, Nagy Sándor utca)

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