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General Info

Project title: Religious Bridges - Promoting the religious tourism in Bihor and Hajdu Bihar Counties

Lider de proiect: Municipiul Oradea

Partners involved in the project:

Romania: The Moon Church (and the affiliates: The Romanian Orthodox Church “The Annunciation” and The Orthodox Church “The Holy Spirit Comforter”), The Roman Catholic Church of Oradea Fortress, The “New Town” Reformed Church, The Roman Catholic Cathedral “The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary”

Hungary: The Orthodox Parish of Körösszegapáti, The Calvinist Reformed Church of Hajdúböszörmény, The Parish Church “Heart of Jesus” from Oroshaza

Starting date of the project: 01.09.2013

Total project value: 1 709 385 euros

ERDF contribution: 1 374 954,52 euros

This project aims to promote religious tourism in the Bihor – Hajdu Bihar cross-border region, benefiting from the European financial contribution in the framework of the European Territorial Co-operation Programme of the Hungarian-Romanian border area, Priority Axis 2, Key area of intervention 2.1. Support for cross-border business cooperation, Action 2.1.3 Tourism development.

This project involves both Romanian and Hungarian cross-border territories from the region mentioned above. The Municipality of Oradea was designated the project leader.

The project’s main objective is to bring people and communities together for the joint development of a cooperative area, by harnessing the religious heritage of the region. Therefore, as part of the project, six churches from Romania (Oradea) and three churches from Hungary were rehabilitated, restored and included in the religious touristic circuit as tourist attractions. This website and the virtual audio guide were created for the benefit of those visitors interested in discovering the religious particularities of the region, while visiting the ecclesiastical monumental buildings included in the circuit.